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For the ShenZhen mobile phone factory plant GPS signal program

Our company provides GPS solutions for Shenzhen mobile phone signal processing factory, using a set of five points of the GPS transponder system, the application receiving antenna to receive signals to the indoor and then through the amplifier, a number of points to achieve the transmit antenna signal forwarding for mobile phone production and processing Provide test signals.



Car Electronics GPS test system solutions for the company PROTON Malaysia

June 2016. Our Malaysia proton company provides multi system satellite signal scheme. This scheme is a 12 point of repeater system suite, single point can cover a about a radius of 5 meters of the interval. Multi system satellite test signal for automotive electronics manufacturing test, service vehicle electronic GPS test system.



2016 Tenth China International Defense Electronics Exhibition

PLA General Armament Department approved as the only defense electronics exhibition, China International Defense Electronics Exhibition (CIDEX) was born in 1998, the PLA General Armament Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China, China's electronic information industry support Group Limited and China Electronics technology Group Corporation under the recent years, with its high-end professional perspective CIDEX authoritative and distinctive personalized service created a strong brand influence. Industry resources accumulated over the years become CIDEX most valuable asset. Every two-year in May, CIDEX gathering all resources, inviting military procurement and technical departments, the major military industrial complex, "the army" high-tech enterprises and other defense electronics and defense media people ride event, industry trends, total then the industry's future.