product name: GPS Timing Network Optimizatio
product type: GPS Timing Network Optimizatio
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GPS Timing / Beidou Timing Network Optimization Solution
Sharing GPS Timing Antenna for LTE base stations.

Sharing GPS Timing Antenna for LTE base stations.

    We provide GPS acitve splitter: GS12, GS14, GS18 , which can provides sharing solution of a GPS antenna for mobile communication base station, trunking communication base station, simplifying the network structure to the maximum extent . Multiple systems share a set of timing antenna and line, reducing construction costs and system maintenance costs . Not only our communications timing solutions apply to LTE laboratory and production line , but also our splitters( GS12, GS14, GS18 )start large-scale applying to the global LTE networks from2010 . Timing system is stable and reliable, so the network degree of optimization in maximum .